Forgiveness in Traveling



I met some wonderful people in marekkah.   But I’ve also met some horrible racist people, I found my heart hardened in tanger after all the harassment but in the stillness I felt Jesus’ pain.

I must forgive and how do I love my enemies, Jesus forgave the ones who persecuted him, the same way as I am to.

I must continue to forgive, so that my heart might be soft.

I googled viper and saw the damages when a viper poisons and bites a human. It’s nasty. That’s how humans become when they allow fear, anger, intimidation, bitterness get to them.

I am challenged to have compassion on the ones that choose to hurt me and it is a really challenging lesson.

In all this, I am learning the depth of God’s love, that it forgives and reaches the most disdainful hearts. And it’s incomprehensible, but all the more real.




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