I Am That I Am.


I am that I am. Higher than your thoughts.

I am that I am, defender of the weak, defender of the broken.

I am that I am, more than the voices that taunt at your vision of who you are, I am your protector.

You are not your accomplishments, your title, your clothes, your face, your personality, your accolades, your mean spirited words, your goodness, your relationship status, you are a spirit being. You are not your fame, your likes, your statuses, your golden watch, even your most simplified truths. You are a spiritual force that desires to overcome the words that true to define who you are.

You are not your ego, your abilities, your talents, your smartness, your beauty, you are transcendent.

God bless your going and rising, your rushing and striving, but let Spirit meet you in the secret place, where silence is enough, and you get to radiate light while light illuminates your countenance. Where your very presence and being is enough for the God who created you. 

I have come to know you in my dreams, you reveal my deepest fears, and overcome them with only a spoken knowing.



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