Living MY Life

Hmmm how can I say this, it’s been a contemplative month since I’ve come back from traveling. I’m coming into my own and seeing the light in me. It’s brighter than I’ve ever felt it.

I used to go to these fancy events and felt less than, as though I had to prove myself and yesterday I really felt my light shine. I remember this one guy who was so intrigued by my lifestyle, kept asking me questions, which is all good, but you can’t get to know me in a few minutes. The words that came out of my mouth was new, fresh. Because I usually don’t even talk out loud unless I have to, unless I am speaking with purpose.

He asked for my social media following, my blog subscribers, facebook, and yes, I quoted them, hmmm well 1k for instagram isn’t so high…and I said “I’m about quality, not quantity…I’m not here looking for people to approve of me or what I have to say, I know what I have to give to the world is of value, I know who I am”. 

Then I had a conversation with an up and coming rapper about the same thing. I said “you gotta know who you are, you got to have a strong spiritual sense of self before you go out there, you gotta know that your worth does not come from someone in a corporation approving you”. 

In fact, I will say no to working with people who aren’t aligned with MY vision, it’s my life after all.



One thought on “Living MY Life

  1. trotter387

    Nice piece and strong conviction. Living MY life does give a sense of independence and creates the personal challenges we require to define who we are, yet we still need others to connect with us on a personal level.
    Speaking to a friend who has a similar approach to her life (MY Life) we looked at the balance that helped her to accept others – My Life in your space – as a concept it is under worked but it basically approaches the philosophy from the point of social responsibility.
    It would be interesting to hear your thoughts on this.

    Just for the record – your approach requires real courage that is why I enjoy subscribing to this

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