Burning Bridges

People tell us not to burn bridges with anyone so people continue to be friends with their exes, bosses they hated, and so forth. They tell us not to burn bridges because of fear. What if they need them in the future? It comes from a place of lack and poverty. Any conscious person knows that the kingdom is within, not outside, that everything, every miracle is a ball of light waiting to be enacted. 

The bridge is so heavy people have chains around their necks to the past. It’s a heavy burden that disables them from walking forward. In fact they can’t so they stand on the bridge, in between actualixation and regret. 

I was once there. 

5 years of toil and hustle. I was there, fighting off fear, lack, expectations, voices. So many voices from people, family, Devils. 

Voices telling me who to be, what to do, what to say, what not to say, what to write, what not to write, how I should strive and advance in my career, how this or that will lead to happiness. 

But one voice stayed steady- trust me, I am with you. The voice of God. A steadier voice than the rest, a peace within.

When I finally burned my bridges, I found that it wasn’t even worth looking back. 

The land in front of me was lush, full of fruit. The land in back of me was old, ruins of bitterness, false selves. 

Finally I was free to be me. 

And so today I envisioned my life again. Dreams I once had. My partner and I will buy a house by the beach, the waves will wash away our fears, we’d hold hands and dance in the drum circle, singing and playing music. I would be good at surfing by then, I’d surf the seas as a mermaid. We would make love to the ocean. 

Then I’ll build houses, lots of them for the homeless, we’d teach all over the world and I’d write books of love as service to the world. We’d laugh until the day we die to be with God. 

And so it is. 

To me this was an imagery of death and life. Life into a new beginning.   


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