Foreigners with Young Asian women

Indonesia isn’t what I expected. I guess I wasn’t expecting Jakarta to be this westernized. Like the Malls are filled with american brands. I mean I understand, but compared to the cost of food and living, to purchase a luxury item is like 10 times more than the comparison in America. 

Then there’s social status. A nice bartender explained how women try to get with foreigners and when they do, they think they’re better than others. 

And then I had this huge epiphany. I’ve been to Thailand, Malaysia, Vietnam, Singapore and now Indonesia on this leg of the trip and I have got to say…I see old foreigners everywhere looking for some sex tourism, or free sex. 

The thing is they eventually look the same at some point- the booze, the women, eventually they start balding and their egos inflate. They gain weight, they think they’re the king but actually the women are probably plotting their deaths and eventual takeover of their money. 

Just my theory, but my Asian Americans have discussed this before. Western guys think local Asians are more submissive and docile, but like the bartender said the women eventually become their maids. 

I have been asked what it’s like to date a white guy from a Chinese woman in china. She said she thinks western guys are more educated and will treat her better. 

I LOLed. 

I replied I honestly can’t say because everyone is different plus I’m Americanized and american. I’m not dating or finding a partner to improve my social status. And there are lots of guys that are uneducated and educated everywhere, you can’t make those assumptions based on race or culture.

But where there is demand there is supply. I’m sure it’s like this everywhere. 

But is it really love? Or a transaction? 

At one point I started to feel sad for these old white man because I knew that deep down they were hurting from rejection from their own family, culture maybe…maybe unable to find partners in their own country, and that’s ok. 

Or maybe not. It’s definitely a phenomenon and I’m not saying it’s all like this but a large majority. 



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