They can’t touch you 

they’re just critics

If you don’t have Internet all the voices shuts up. 

I have to be honest with you, someone wrote a comment about why don’t you get a real job so you don’t have to ask for help. Life is all about giving and receiving. And what is a real job? 

I’ve been self employed for almost 5 years- it was a process, and I’ve been to hell hole and back, not everyone can say they have the courage to do it. 

Who said that dressing boring and sitting for 8 hours is a real job? The world can blow up right now – who cares? 

But I remembered that I’m amazing and everything I write is doing the world a service. Honesty is key isn’t it? 

I forgive you. I do.

I have to remember that one day I’ll have so many best seller books the critics will scoff and spew blood. 

And when you’re mean, you’re kind of being mean to this sweet little girl. 

So when you’re thinking of saying things think about the little kid you’re saying it to, this applies to every adult. Treat people like you’d treat a kid. 

Oprah loves you. 

Here are my new friends in Jakarta, Indonesia! 




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