What if God is

What if God is and was…what if God was and is more than what they sold to you in Sunday school, temple, church, schools, society? 

What if God loves you radically and formed you before you were born? 

What if God saw you as a powerful manifesto of greatness and splendor of love and beauty? What if God wants you to prosper, to win in life, to fall in love over and over again, and to surprise you with gifts and beauty? 

What if God is more than a judgemental father…what if God is a loving, gentle, generous compassionate father and mother? More than a male figure, a spirit of breakthrough, who loves honesty and emotions, who loves your heart- not for its perfection for for its weakness? 

What if God supports and encourages you, and wish you would hear how proud he is of you, how he has planned amazing unimaginable surprises for your life? 

What if God is more than and totally not what they preached….and if God is a mad man in heaven, then I for sure know that’s not my God. 

My God is an all supporting, compassionate father, a mother of all within me and a genius who inspires me to write and tell the world, God is for you, not against you. 

And if God is all the things that are good – why do we let those ancient sayings prevent us from receiving the goodness that wants to support our dreams? 

Hoa kiem lake – Hanoi   


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