What is a civilization? 

Malaysians seem less hostile. In Thailand and Vietnam I encountered some bad attitudes and nonchalance, so far, people are friendly. 

I’ve seen a few rats but overall I believe it’s a civilized place. There are tons of homeless people outside the hotel, though I’ve opted for private room since the dorm rooms cost even more for some reason. 

To me civilization is – and please don’t laugh or you can….

1. A place that has free wifi everywhere 

2. Takes credit cards at most places 

3. Can be kind and friendly/ say thank you and you welcome 

4. Has McDonald’s- okay but seriously am I not the only one that feels at home when I see Mickey D’s? 

5. Has set prices at shops- because I get tired of negotiating 

6. Relatively clean and has side walks/ please lord I am so done ducking mopeds. 

My box   

Belican fried rice for 5 riggits 


Yep I saw 3 rats 



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