What If Our Lives Were Treasure Maps


Ha Long Bay- Vietnam

What if our lives were treasure maps? 

And when we are led by the spirit, we are pulled to what feels RIGHT in our hearts. I’ve finally found a quiet place to rest my soul for a day, I’ve said goodbye to a beloved soul and my heart is settling still.

But I’m sad. Sad to say goodbye to the one that understood me for the last few days, sad to say hello to my dear child again. I’m with God, one with God, on this journey, yet sometimes so alone and not knowing how to ask for help. 

What if the inklings in our hearts causes us to really FOLLOW.

What if it doesn’t matter how expensive the plane tickets are, that the treasure we find at our next location is worth far more than the last minute tickets we booked, maybe we find a jewel of wisdom or a person that opens up a whole dimension in our lives, causing us to BE BRAVER, to search and follow our gut, to finally live our dreams. 

To be more authentic. Priceless.

I followed the spirit and obeyed my inner abundance.

That day, I ate a little more “expensive”, that day I met my provision.

The seed I sowed in faith multiplied 10 fold, literally.

The seed I sowed of my heart, to love and to say goodbye, will one day multiply.

I cannot feel true joy without cleansing the pain, the sorrow. 

And perhaps that’s all I want, to feel pain deeply but to laugh widely.

To embrace every season of my life to the full and to let my inner bird sing.


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