Chiang Mai – Discovering the real Red Light District 

Well I’ve been having intense dreams the last few days, witches and serpents, doomsday ones. Today I felt led to a nail salon in the red light district, I can’t even remember the street but I know it’s on the way to the night market.

Adam is a white Australian man, his girlfriend is Two, the most amazing nail artist ever! Well, I was blessed with finding out about 

It’s amazing how you can get to know a person through their blog. I’m a bit addicted to this blog and hopefully I can read every post. It’s about the red light district from Adam’s point of view….it’s most things tourists don’t know. I learn today that a Gik is like a side girl, and if you’re a foreigner with money you’re allowed to have many. 

Oh and I also noticed white guys here have this really annoying douche bag strut, like they’re bros or something.


Check out Two Beautiful Nails on Facebook!!!    
  I am loving the Thai babies here, so cute!!!  
I’m becoming a Thai local, yesterday I got invited to karaoke with the nail ladies because they taught me how to say “man me fan” which means I’m single or no boyfriend. 

Apparently it’s normal for people to party every night. I haven’t even had a beer in Chiangmai. 

Xoxo Bex 


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