Bangkok Love

After a 38 hour journey to Bangkok, 1 layover in Tokyo and one in Singapore, I finally arrived..and thank God with ease. Both airports had wifi so researching how to get to my hostel was easy as pie.

It’s about 3 am and I woke at 2:11am, my birthday. God is thinking of me, spirit says I know the day you were born. Breathe. 

Sometimes we leave a place with things still hanging, because perhaps it’s out of our control. Maybe it’s not how we wanted to leave and begin but maybe it’s a deepening of faith and trust. All things are possible. 

Singapore local food    
  Guay chap – above, pig blood and 

 Duck minced salad below   
An exotic fruit that is similar to lychee 


Let go, let your heart run wild

Because you are divine. 


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