Why I Left Everything 

Save your world and lose your soul. 

Divine love is everything. The ego desires to take over our lives, making priority of our status, our fame, what people think of us. I’ve gained more clarity leaving my phone, having no cell service, no wifi at times….I am more aware now of God’s presence. As I sit there noticing all the farangs getting drunk, I feel in between- I look Thai and Asian at times, but I’m Taiwanese. I can pretend to not speak English and sometimes that’s swell…sometimes it is a lonely feeling.

But in a foreign place with a fan above me, I am home to my temple, my soul.

I’ve finally arrived and yes I can crave comfort, but I know it only leads to being stuck. My soul is meant for flying. 

I left my worldly comforts behind to reach the moon. 



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