The life less traveled


The life less traveled is usually one that is not paved, very few have ventured on it but most who walk on it end up unusually successful. These are people like Oprah, richard Branson to name two of my favorites. These are rule breakers, rebels, people who spoke up when everyone went silent.

I have never felt happier in my life. In the world’s eyes I really have nothing. I chose to sell all my furniture and be home-less. I’ve been in Hawaii for a week and I’ve never felt freer. I left a career that could have been profitable to pursue my hearts’ desire. I realize that if you can’t be happy in your heart, you can’t be period.

God has given me love and peace in all circumstances. I’ve tried to find my worth in worldly ideas of success, romantic love, attention from peers and family, the idea of stability in matrimony, man, stability, fame, the big break, approval from people, the life with a house by myself, the stuff, the car, the designer bags and more stuff….in the end I found that I found perfect love in spirit and God, in the now.

I feel full, alive, and I only have a backpack right now. I found that if I dwelled in love, nothing else mattered. That I have everything I need now. That as long as I didn’t allow fear to capture my mind, I’d live in unlimited possibilities.


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