Love Everlasting- my happily ever after

When I was young, I knew I was different. I saw older folks and didn’t want the life they lived. I decided in my mind I’d be a fun adult. I wouldn’t be tired and boring all the time.image

I wanted to laugh and experience really amazing things like traveling and riding elephants. I also thought that if I ever got married, I wouldn’t have a status quo relationship or even a wedding according to how everyone did it. Hipster wouldn’t even set it apart enough. I wouldn’t invite people I felt awkward with or had previous beef with. I wouldn’t invite 400 people just because my parents wanted to invite their friends. I’d live according to what i want.

Some have told me I do what I want because I didn’t grow up with my dad. I think they are correct. So everything has a gold lining.

As I breathe in Hawaii, I feel myself surrender totally to a spiritual love, totally letting go of ego. I’m becoming the type of relaxed hippie I’ve always admired, minus the substance they need to be totally hippie.

I have become one with the ocean….and life is more beautiful and less conventional than I could have ever imagined. So if anyone tells you that life is hard and has to be hard, tell them otherwise. If people say your industry is competitive and cutthroat, tell them that “you attract what you are”. If you’re free of ego, loving people come into your life. If you always see drama, dramatic people come into your life. It’s all about perspective.

Dreams do manifest into reality right in front of my eyes. Several months ago I googled manbattical in research for my year of sanctifying my heart and not getting into an exclusive relationship, I fell upon a blog. I emailed her and interviewed her for my YouTube show. She told me that I had a place to stay if I decided to visit Hawaii. Today I’m sitting in her house writing this post.

life can be awesome and adventurous if we allow our hearts and our desires to run passionate….. Without societal expectations of success and rules.

I’m happy and as I exude happiness, more happiness comes into my life.

There is no fear in love and this is MY happily ever after.

How about you?


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