About being weird


me at Pearl Harbor, Honolulu

I look back on my life and can find thousands of hilarious moments. I was and am definitely weird. I tried to fit in two times in my life. The first was in middle school, then the second when I was in real estate. I thought I needed to have gap clothes in middle school and later in real estate, I thought I needed to wear uncomfortable suit dresses. We didn’t have much money growing up so I had handmade shirts.

Don’t get me wrong. I looked hot in my suit dress.

But I couldn’t move with the same tenacity as I usually do. I couldn’t jump in the air and randomly skip on the street because I’m happy. Yes, I actually do that.

I also had crushes on generic cool hot boys.

It was only last year that I realized “Seth green Types” are totally my type. I mean I’ve liked him ever since I watched rat race. Typical hot boys are boring to me, I can’t talk about philosophy and farting with them.

The point is it’s okay to be weird.

That’s what makes you special. If you thought you ever needed to fit in to succeed, think again! What makes you weird is what will make you stand out!

So here are a few weird things about me:

1. I ask guys if they’d be okay hearing me fart because to me, being able to fart in front of a potential partner is freedom to be myself.

2. I use my asian face as a guise. Like cops will stop me but if I put my black rimmed glasses and blazer on, say I just came from my office, they’ll think I’m a responsible asian american.

3. I can tear up the dance floor with moves I learned from youtube

4. I feel the freest when I have no security and have only a backpack trotting through jungles and oceans in foreign lands

Go figure, xoxo Bex

Did you get my book yet?



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