Give Yourself Permission to Live


I’d rather be a weak vessel,

because a weak vessel can hear the sound of love and live out the love breathed into this world through me.

I’d rather be a weak vessel,

so that I can pack my bags and follow the sound of love at any whim.

I’d rather be a weak vessel,

because when I’m being, I can listen closely to the hearts of the hurting.

One of the most beautiful moments in life is when you realize you’re not alone. Yesterday in a deep conversation with a friend, I realized that I was not alone and that I needed to release myself from judgement. This is the inner talk we all battle with. What are we telling ourselves? I realized that I often try to control my life because I don’t want to make the mistakes I made in the past, but control comes from fear and where fear is, there is always death (death of self, death of aliveness). And where there is fear, there is no room for your true self to flourish.

And in the eyes of my friend, I realized her deep joy came from her deep sorrow, but from her sorrow, the ability to laugh and cry- acceptance in who she was and acceptance of others. And there was true beauty in that moment. Authentic human connection does not come from us teaching others to be “strong” but in connecting in our human “weaknesses”, it’s accepting that we are not perfect and allowing ourselves to be free and unhindered. For those few hours, I saw beauty in myself reflected through her. What is true about me that is truth in her?

I needed to surrender and release myself and that I did. Fully and completely. Even if it meant lying on my bathroom mat crying. We can all smile this Christmas, but the joys come from our deep human connection…not superficial talks, but celebrating the mess and the triumphs. It’s been a beautiful year, and I’m grateful for everyone that has made this year beautiful.


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