A New Way of Living Life in 2015


It takes courage to be who you are.

It takes faith in yourself, in your truest self.

Thus, my resolution for 2015, to be true to myself.

Ask yourself “what do I want?” instead of “what should I do?” 

Set your alarm for 30 minutes of meditation everyday to receive divine truth and to let your mind wander.

Let yourself imagine your highest self and what you would be doing.

As silly as it might look or sound.

Do the unimaginable, shut out naysayers and choose to release emotional leeches from your life,

or people who carry a spirit of control.

Choose to jump in, all in and when you need something, say out loud “I accept that I don’t know HOW it will come about, but I release control and receive however, whenever this shall come to pass”.

When you feel the tension build up in your body, release all and breathe in deeply, out slowly.

Trust that all things work out for good.

Trust and in liberty, you shall love truly. 

We’re not aiming for perfection, just simplicity, just a clarified mind. And when doubts set in, affirm out loud that which is true “I’m alive and well, I’m breathing and passionate”.

Most of all, let go, surrender and ask for wisdom. Not all doors are meant to be opened, ask for the right doors to open.

Enjoy life. Love and take risks. It’s going to be okay, it’s going to be fun, it’s going to go.

The past is over, focus on now, focus on who you really are. Love out loud.

Xoxo, Bex

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