5 Tips For Women In Business

As a woman in business, I have learned and observed other women and men in business. I want to reveal the top 5 tips that will help you expand and grow in your business! 


1. Know What You Want- KNOW and write down WHAT you want before going into a meeting with clients, employers, prospects, anything. KNOW your numbers. Write down what you will make you happy. Yes, use those emotions. When you walk out of that meeting, if you closed a deal- would you feel disappointed or elated? At what numbers and terms will you walk away feeling “good about yourself”. The mistake is to react and say something you later regret….don’t ever live your life with “I wish I had”, do it now, determine it now even before you walk into a negotiation or meeting. 

2. Know Your Worth- You need to know how talented and skilled you are. If you have created a niche in the market, have a great personality, have proven records- provide them to your clients, employers, prospects. Show them the numbers, show them your marketing materials, your press releases, your website, your social media, show them your influence…and show them how you can contribute to them….because you are worth it! Don’t try to prove it just by saying it, show them by experience and proof. 

3. Have Fun- Beyond knowing your worth and getting what you want in business, you must know how to have fun….because at the end of the day, you have to feel good about yourself. I see so many business women and men with long faces and tight suits. They beat themselves up for not closing a deal or making money. Pat yourself on the back, you have already come a long ways and you are not alone! When you are “not there yet”, even then, dance! Go find something to do which will create endorphins in your body. Chat with a friend, get the stress out, do yoga, meditate, sing….life is a celebration, it’s not all about work, career, or finance! You will win in life if you choose to have fun and relax, people will want to work with you. People CAN SMELL DESPERATION MY FRIENDS, if you live out of lack, you will attract NO BUSINESS. BUT if you work on yourself inside, learn to love yourself…..BABY you have got yourself a slew of overflowing BUSINESS. 

4. Work Out Of Service…But Know Your Boundaries- As women, we are naturally wired to want to help and contribute to this world. However, you must know your boundaries. You cannot GIVE something you DON’T HAVE. I learned this the hard way. When I was starting out my business, I was sponsoring a child even though I could hardly sponsor myself. I did this out of the compassion of my heart, but I also later realized that you cannot give to others if your tank is not filled. Take care of yourself first – energetically, emotionally, spiritually, physically…etc. then you can live out of an overflowing tank! Of course, there are times when helping someone will actually give to you, but you must be spiritually CENTERED to live out of this wisdom. Seek wisdom, everyday! 

5. Collaborate- HMMM WOMEN, we need to collaborate with each other and our fellow men to succeed in business. We cannot compete with each other and then end up isolating ourselves. I live by this motto, help me help you, so that you can help me. How can I help you in a way that helps me at the end of our business together? Business is about giving one dollar, and sometimes making more. Business is about planting many seeds because you never know which ones will grow. Business is about investing in relationships in an authentic way which will later reap harvests…without the shady motivation that you are just in the relationship for business. Business is a natural growth of relationships built out of trust. 

ASK FOR HELP my dear! Self-sufficiency is a lie. Ask your friends and partners to shamelessly PROMOTE YOUR work. You say, “well shouldn’t they just know to do that?” NO, people are mostly thinking of themselves, their problems, their goals! It’s just human tendency. However, we can become the agents of change who decide that we will help each other and collaborate to grow every business that surrounds our line of business……and more. 

Are you in?

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