The Secrets To A Happy Life: Being Still

I have been watching many documentaries and my daily practice includes yoga and pilates. I have discovered that there is a rhythm to life.

The rhythm of life includes seasons.

Seasons can be split even into weeks. It is not just fall, summer, spring and winter, it is a season of working and a season of letting go. 

In our American society, we often think of working hard until our time to retire. 

I believe the contrary, I believe that in order to live a long life of health and happiness, we must learn to surrender to the rhythm of life and observe the seasons that require us to throw our hands back and listen to stillness.

This season requires us to trust that everything will work out, that there is a higher wisdom which we do not understand now, but will eventually. 

Our unrelenting striving can cause physical illness, mental anxiety, anxiety attacks, unstable hormones, emotional breakdowns, temperamental issues, and others. 

That is why, it is ESSENTIAL to allow ourselves to be still, to do nothing, to breath deeply, to listen and observe, and soak in wisdom about our situations….and lastly to trust. I often try to figure things out with my thoughts, I research relentlessly, searching, striving.

Reacting. But reacting is not the our best creativity, our best service to the world, reacting is a left over remnant of our energy.

If we desire to be the best that we can be, we must give ourselves the best gift of letting go, sitting still, being still. 


And perhaps, after an hour or two of continuously being still, we can give the best of ourselves to the world. Perhaps in those few hours, we attain more energy, more wisdom, more creativity, more ideas and revelations than we could EVER WORK for in 20-30 hours, weeks, months of work.




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