Progress Equals Happiness

It is ridiculously MIND-BLOWING to see that my hardships and struggles have become the very gift within me….to bless the world. Most of you…in the past year may have read my depressing, crazy, intense blog posts. A lot of them had to do with surviving my year of self employment. There are some facets of my life that are pretty similar from a year ago.

The one difference in my life- accepting the fact that I was called for a greater purpose of being an entrepreneur and future American Coach (me on the stage with thousands of people listening to my story). Sometimes when we FIGHT our callings, or when we rebel and fight the very thing that we are called to do…it can add much friction in our lives. 

What is ONE THING that I see many people do?

Fight the very thing they love. Isn’t that ironic? The very thing you love to do and are called to do…you deny until it’s a starved lover. Like many desires in our lives, with much denial comes much dying in our hearts.

 Thus….Choose your love and choose to fight for it. After awhile, your passion becomes your life. Life becomes a passionate living. And then…..


I’ll fly here….to places like the beaches of Thailand and look back. IT WAS ALL WORTH pursuing my passion. Because I have the free time and money to fly whenever I want. I hope you’ll join me too.

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