Loving People – Living Life in Love

Hi Folks,

I’m in Cairns now. So much has happened I can’t believe it.

Yesterday I ended my night by talking to 3 aboriginal 15 year old girls in the center of Cairns. It was very sad to see that they were drunk, partly because before the english came into Australia, the aboriginals had no alcohol. They were happy, but when the english came, they indulged and couldn’t handle alchy. A lot of them then became alcoholics. It was really upsetting and heart wrenching to see the racism in the country.

I was hanging out with a south african friend that I met at the hostel, we were talking about money and issues of the world. He then left and I decided to go dance at a gay club. The club had no one dancing, so I talked to these aboriginal girls, you can see this sadness in their eyes. you know that look you see in someones’ eyes, when they won’t look you in the eye? That was the look. I asked them where there were good dance clubs, they suggested another one.

When I went there, I was more upset because I saw there was actually another line of just aboriginals. There was a separate line. YAH, can you believe it? This is modern day Australia!!

My heart churned and I was so angry, I wanted to kick a wall or punch something out.

I decided instead to hang out with the girls sitting on the side of the street. I couldn’t hold myself back from crying, my heart grieved. Suddenly I was able to see the looks that "white people" gave them, they were totally looked down upon. It grieved my heart and I just kept talking to them about their lives. I was very concerned for their safety.

Moreover, I learned from the tour guide before that aboriginal mixed kids were sent to "missionary schools" where they were taught to be WESTERN. I can see why Australia is so secular, because the "religious people" schooled and dominated the country, "trying to change the aboriginal ways".

I was even more grieved.

But I got to know these girls and decided to go back today. As I sat there at midnight with them, I saw around me lots of drunk girls and boys, waiting to get laid. I saw the disparity not only within the aboriginals but within mankind. That in a way it all seems so hopeless. This endless seeking for love, for young people- I’ve met SO MANY young people around the world, from Africa, Europe, England, etc- the same search for love.

We are not hopeless though.

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