Leaving Cairns

I’ve stayed at Cairns for almost 10 days.

It’s been fully packed with nature, friendship, as well as life drama.

Yesterday I went on a boat, expecting to have a smooth sail- but ended up, falling asleep after my breakfast and feeling super ill.

I tried to tell myself, "no no no I’m not sick, I’m not".

Then suddenly I felt something well up in my throat, I ran to the toilet and THREW UP ALL MY ORANGE!

It was beyond gross. I thought it would stop there, but it didn’t, I ended up throwing up 3 more times, including my lunch.

What a waste of money, haha.

The first time I snorkeled, I scraped my leg on the reefs, and in an attempt to get all the sights in, I swam too fast and swallowed lots of salt water.

Of course, I threw up again. The second time, I decided to take my time and really take the ocean in by myself. This time, I saw purple fishes with scribbly lines, almost like graphic designs you have people design at work.

The way back was smooth sailing. I was sitting on the deck, being grateful that I was no longer sick, when a boat worker who was 18 kept trying to hit on me. He started quoting romantic phrases from romantic books he often reads. He had these braces that made him look like a tween. I tried to be nice, but when he tried to grab chips from a chip bag, which was lying on my crotch…my inner bitch started coming out. But I was still nice šŸ™‚ Hopefully.

I met a really cool friend, we’ve been talking a lot about our learnings and about the implication of leaving home means for each one of us. We ended up at the Attic dancing to Dubstep, it was so bomb. I danced for 3 hours straight. The only thing that really annoys me is sketchy guys who don’t really appreciate music for what it is, and is only there to pick up girls. Anyways, I’m really glad I met a friend who understands life in a deeper way than just getting drunk and getting laid.

More stories to come! By the way, I look like a Filipino, I’m so tan!

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