I’m currently in Cairns, Australia. Arrived by flight yesterday from Sydney. Of course the first night in every city, I end up meeting new friends and going out with them. I ended up on stage again dancing some shuffles and stuff. My English friend said, “you said you love to dance, but you didn’t tell me you’re awesome!!” Well, I’m not going to brag right?

I’ve only been in Australia for 6 days, and I love it more than I’ve ever imagined. I love it so much I can actually see myself doing the work holiday deal here. Everyone is so laid back here, I don’t feel as anxious being here. Back in LA, I felt like paranoid about not working or feeling busy.

However, I think if I lived here, I’d also be prone to become alcoholic. People seriously drink everyday. Perhaps only in Cairns, people start drinking at 10am. I’m glad I have high tolerance and high energy. I don’t really need alchy to sustain dancing for hours on end.

A few people had to stop my friends and ask if I was okay “because well, I look like I’m on drugs”. Of course I don’t do drugs eh?

I’m going to seriously look into working in Australia…

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