The Fire

September 1, the beginning of new things.

The launching happened in August, September is the opening of presents.

Lots of presents, there will be lots of presents, only for those that have kept the faith.

And spoken truth in times of trouble.

I just had a massive encounter with God.

I was crying out to God, looking at my current situation and seeing that there was no way out but to see God speak a miracle.

I lay in my bed, listening to Misty Edwards’ song- “you won’t relent until you have it all”. As I lay there, I knew God was stripping me of all the things I held so dearly for security…Whether that is the need to have a savings or material possession… Whether that is the need to know what I will be doing when I come back from Australia.

In the moment, I encountered Jesus in a way I cannot describe in writing.

I saw Jesus open His arms and beckoning for my hand. We danced and I suddenly saw a ballerina, the image that my friend had prophesied for me. I was a ballerina, beautiful before God’s eyes, dancing with God. We were dancing the future into being. We were creating the future together.

I suddenly felt tears welling up, I started sobbing in desperation for God. I saw Jesus next to me while I twirled in my dress as a girl. He looked at me with pride, He said “wow, that’s my girl, you are so beautiful”. I was praying in heaven language. I saw myself with wings, stepping onto rainbows. I was spewing colors with my wings. Everywhere I went, people looked up in awe and the blind were healed.

My faith has been expanding, strengthened beyond imagination. God wants it all, the Refuge wants me to LET go of all my worldly securities and be a FIRE of God. I saw so much fire, burning, passion of love spewing into the world. I saw a stage, I saw myself fully relinquished to God, thrown, adopted, burning for the LOVE and only the LOVE of Jesus. I felt the tears, the desperation of children that are human trafficked, the lepers on the street, the homeless, the abandoned, the widowed, the abused, I felt deep yearning and compassion for justice.

Right after, my friend messages me and tells me he wants to treat me to boba because I can’t spend money before I go to Australia. God has sent 10,000 angels to pave the way and fight for me. It’s funny how God knows the desire of my heart, even as specific as boba.

I started laughing. God is so funny.


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