Yah, I Know I’m Kind of Crazy

So I finally sat down and did some calculations.

I have to raise or somehow God will rain down at least $1,672.57 by September 11. So I can pay my bills and September and October rent before I go to Australia. I already pulled out my money for Australia.

I’m struggling between having faith, waiting on God and doing everything I can to sell everything I have to earn some money.

I have a lot of clothes I can sell, but it’s hard to list all of them in that time span. I can sell my laptop, but my laptop is my life work.

So this leaves me thinking, well, it’s got to be God or else I don’t see how anything is possible. I wrote this down in my journal “He will not fail you or forsake you”. It’s scary to be in a place of need, perhaps, even shameful- as obnoxious as that word is, but it leaves me in utmost need of God and His grace to rain even more heavily. When the miracle comes, as last minute as it is, I’ll show the world that God is really that real. For now, I’m going to pray fervently, having patience and believing all that I have believed about my God.



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