Homeless- Finding Identity

I am that homeless man,

wandering from street to street.

My eyes are forlorn, sad, hopeless, I feel like crap, because people stare at me, they avoid my eyes, or they snicker at me.

I’m dirty and I’ve gone mad because flies are everywhere, my face is breaking out, and I don’t know where my next meal will come from.

I wanted to be a father once, I wanted to be good to my family, but I went out of control, gave into my alcohol obsession, my eyes became a blur and I felt f***cked up everyday. I hurt my wife, she had slashes across her face, her eyes, her soul.

It hurt to hurt my family, but now I am here, and no one cares.

I have no home.

These were my thoughts as I looked into the eye of a homeless man.

I am not that homeless man, but I know…that feeling.

If I didn’t shower for 10 days, I would already be mad. If one person looked at me with pity or condemnation, I’m already mad. Crazy. They say. I would feel the same, hopeless, without vision, without purpose, why should I live? No one cares, no one wants me, no one wants to be near me.

Yah, that homeless man you see, perhaps muttering to himself,

he was once a clean cut male, with maybe a family, a wife, children.

Perhaps, he was once an engineer, a business owner, a janitor, a policeman….or he never got there, never achieved his dreams.

But I hope, you will see a homeless person differently…because like any labels we put on someone- they are plainly human, just like you and I.

So don’t call them prostitute, rapist, drug addict, gang member, don’t call them delinquent, don’t call them criminals, don’t call them…

cuz they have a name. He or she, they have a name.

It’s time for us, the ones that have a vision, to touch lives by speaking into who PEOPLE REALLY ARE. We envision a brighter future for them by telling them who they really are, that they are loved and created for PURPOSE. That they were created for SOMETHING only THEY can do, NO one else can….because YOU are unique, like none other. There is NO ONE like you. 

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