Re-Thinking Reality

Look, I’m not asking you to become someone else. 

I’m asking you to think about why you do what you do.

Why do you laugh at “rape jokes”, make fun of women with flat boobs, why do you, though contrary to what you want to do, not stand up for what’s right. Because you know, you would never talk about your mom or sister like that.

How about this- why do you idolize celebrities? What is in their life that you don’t have? Is it money? Is it fame? Is it clothes? Why do we idolize them as though they are more than human? Goddesses and Gods?

How about this- why do you go to school, good schools, to get good jobs, to earn lots of money, to retire? Why do we do that? Is there any real meaning in life? And what is it?

I can say that, walking the path of “re-thinking my reality” was not easy. First, I had to be bullied when I moved to America, because I was foreign and from another country. I was Asian, so I was called “fob” even though I was born in Germany. I spoke little English, wore weird clothes and never fit in like the rest of society. I was a creature from Mars. Many of my acquaintances will testify of that, actually some of them are even my Facebook friends now (some who once bullied me).

So then, I could never really fit in, because I was already born in Germany, lived in Taiwan, and spoke little English- and physically, I wore weird clothes, everything added together was like….one big PROOF that I just did not fit in.

However, because I didn’t fit in, I was able to bubble my thoughts away from mainstream, conformist thought. I was able to think clearly in my room, walk observantly amongst crowds of conforming middle schoolers, and become my own “freak” of sorts. I re-thought my reality and became in tune with God who created me this way. I began to realize that perhaps I wasn’t that unwanted, that hated, that unloved, that outcasted…perhaps I really did have a home, a God who loves me.

That love came, poured, all over my life. In the worst of heartbreaks, turmoil, poverty, and suppression. Broke free and gave me freedom to be the woman I am today.

This is the same freedom I hope that each person I ever bump into will live in. This is the same freedom I want to give to every abused woman, survivor, victim of human trafficking, home, community. I was freed to free others.

I had a dream yesterday, 9/11 I will either be in another country or going to Asia to work with organizations that fight human trafficking. It’s going to happen.

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