Like A Tadpole, Burning Up Everything In My Way

As I danced to the throngs of music, basked in hot light

swimming in contented coffee mugs and peoples’ co-op,

I thought about my life, though small, like a tadpole, being flung to new countries and heights

My world was still too small, tiny, like the speck of dust and sand sinking to new degrees

No, this was not enough.

Though I had thrown myself off the cliff and into the unknown

this island, this vast land was still too small for my liking

Better a shark backpack than a teddy bear sitting still.

His eyes a glaze, my eyes wandering. When will I ever settle for the norm?

Her majesty slapped me in the face and screamed “are you out of your mind?- you’ll never be normal, you just be yourself”.

That’s when I awoke in fear and trembling, out of a dream so true, I knew it was real.

My soul, atmosphere is shifting, so fast, I can’t grab onto anything.

I just let my stability move me into strange and awkward places, places so foreign

I can’t help but throw up indigestible norms, that never belong in the first place.

I can’t help but feel a little lonely, my mind is shifting too fast, I’m becoming an alien

existing on earth, but finding no spaceship to fly away.

I am a fire being lit and burning every thing in my way down and up.

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