Memoirs of Traveling This Summer- discomfort

Change, traveling changes you: especially when you are met with discomfort-

1. June 26- July 20 Beijing, China- the toilets stink so much you’re about to throw up, ladies scream at you, no one waits in line because there’s no such thing, so they push you to get into subways, there’s smell of BO everywhere, ladies raise their arms with sprouting black hair, people spit in swimming pools, buses, on your shoes, wherever they can, residue of toilet exist everywhere.

2. July 20 – August 11– Hunan, China- fever in 43 degrees celsius, no AC, mosquitoes biting your butt, squatting in crap holes with mosquitoes trying to bite you, getting heat rashes all over your neck and arms, itching like crazy, not being able to sleep due to heat, fetching buckets of water to shower next to a pig pen.

3. August 11- 18 Shanghai, China- sleeping on the same small bed as a mere girl stranger, at night she grinds her teeth and smacks you with her arm, you are left with only a few inches of sleeping space, general asian discomfort of peer pressure, you dont want to go to ktv at night but you are peer pressured to, no AC in 40 degrees celsius.

4. August 18September 9 Taipei, Taiwan- you enter the apartment, there’s dirt all over the floor, the couches have fleas on them, your bedroom you find out have fleas, you are bitten and allergic, mosquitoes fly over you and bite you, cockroaches hunt your dreams, you start killing them, but they start flying, there’s food bugs crawling over beer bottles, you scrub the floor all over but choke in disgust. Life in Taipei for me.

5. September 9- 14 Taichung, Taiwan- no major discomforts, just cockroaches. If anything can be worse.

6. September 14- 18 Chaiyi- stay at a hostel, freaked out at night, see shadows, and finally the second to last day find out at night the owners go home and you are left at the hostel alone at night. Getting tired of living alone, traveling from place to place with one backpack. Tired of not being able to wash my clothes, smell like dung and sweat.

7. September 18- 23 Kaoshiung- not really any discomfort. Except, looking for my own washing machine. Get to meet up with friends.

8. September 24-25, 28-29 Hong Kong- discomfort with angry aggressive, controlling devil wears prada woman. Cannot stand how she thinks I am a child and I don’t understand anything, especially womanly manners like folding my bedsheets and putting away my sneakers in the right manner. Oh Lord. Feel suppressed and suppressed.

9. September 26-27 Shenzhen, China – still am feeling suppressed by the controlling authoritative woman. Learning to submit but still in turmoil. I can have the nicest hotel, but if I have some crazy person boss me around, I will go crazy. This is the worse discomfort, more than sleeping in 43 degrees celsius weather or sleeping with cockroaches for that matter.

8. September 29- October 14 Back to Taipei- find out there’s rats biting the walls of the apartment. Fleas seem to get used to me. Bugs still bug me. That’s why they are named bugs. I start getting tired of people walking so slow. The subways beep and the people still walk slow, while I’m hurrying to get on.

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