Eat Pray and Sleep…and then Love

So I just watched Eat Pray Sleep…I mean Love and it was pretty good, made me cry actually. Had to whip out the tissues.

I wrote this on my ipod-

Love is something that grows us

Not one that stunts our growth

It’s not that we don’t believe in love

It’s unforgiveness and bitterness

and fear that we don’t believe


Love does not exist within another person

Love is an inward transformation

that grows and does not depend on another human being

there is no victim or criminal in a relationship

the only criminal is yourself

the only victim is yourself

you have the choice to be whoever you want to be

IT’s all in your heart

the ultimate source of love is God for He is love

I am starting to think true happiness is an on-going process. Not a stagnant moment. It exists in the moment but passes into the future.


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