How Many Things?- Cultures and Prejudice

Random food from China

How many things do we judge through the lens of our cultures? How many things do we judge a person by? We judge them based on the food they eat, the clothes they wear, the things they hold important. Such as for some education, for some relaxation, for some eating, for some the way they use their money. We seem to judge people not knowing that is how they grew up. We judge through the lens of our own upbringing and culture. For Asians, they look at those cultures that do not value education, security, and money and think “well we are better because we know how to save money”. There is some truth to saving money being good. However, Asian don’t understand how to enjoy life to the fullest. They think enjoying life might be eating together or just having nice cars and houses. However, they know not how to party, how to dance, how to live in the moment. They are always planning for the future, for retirement, for their children’s education. They know not how to take risks.

This of course is me judging my own culture, or part of my culture, for which I have grown very foreign to. Sometimes I just don’t understand why culturally Asian people have to judge how others spend their money- is that their business? NO. Or whose kid is doing what….it is none of our business really!

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