Pimples and Late Nights, Or No Nights

Walking with makeup undone, dawn hitting me on the face

Pimples and late nights, or no nights

Goodbyes and hellos, I am a little girl

Facing the real world, brighter and clearer, choices and fatigued

Running in my mind, you and I, the future or none

Family like a heavy burden, the weight of a house on my shoulder, invisible yet so visible

Money flooding, responsibilities increased, shoulder tense and wanting none of it

It is life, let me trust you before I let go, let me trust you before I jump

Into this deep abyss, canyons of doubt and fear

punishment looming closely, tying me down, walls white as snow

It’s these late nights, I think of you and I, where we are supposed to be. It’s these late nights, yet I realize

though a grown woman, yet still a girl facing the real world.

It’s these late nights, hair undone and I stare at a computer screen

fan streaming down my toes, that I realize I’m just a little girl.

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