Travel Defect

Like some sunny days, cloudy days, you still have travel defects. For example, today I could not access my money from my atm card/atm machine. I find this weird because I already called Chase to tell them I’m traveling. I have  800NT and I have to pay 300NT for one night, so technically, it could be worse. And tomorrow isn’t Saturday or Sunday, so actually, if I went to every bank tomorrow and just figured things out and called Chase and gave them a verbal beating, then it should be okay.

It could really be worst, like missing my flight last time and sleeping at the train station and airport by myself. That was definitely worst. Plus, I know people in Taiwan, but the last thing I want to do is to ask people for money help.

Good thing I have music to calm down my nerves. I find Misty Edwards to be very calming.

Taichung was pretty amazing. This summer is definitely coming of age. A lot of people tell me that if it wasn’t for work, they would be able to travel like I am. But I think that it’s not really about travel, but about reaching into my history, past and culture. It’s living with the people and experiencing life with them.

I speak less, listen more.

I have lost all pretense, all will to fight

Because working hard towards the wrong goal may

lead to destruction rather than life.

I wander place to place

In and out of peoples’ lives, like a friend but soon a stranger

So I lie quietly on the grass and wait for the wind.

I AM YOURS- Misty Edwards
Though I sleep, my heart is awake
Though It’s night, on You I wait


It’s been a long night, and I am weary
It’s been a long time, and I am hungry
So I’ll wait in the stillness again
I’ll wait in the quiet again
For when I heard Your voice
When You said my name
When I heard Your voice
My heart it yearned


In the middle of the night
In the middle of the night
In the middle of the night
My heart it yearns


Though You’re far away, still I’m here to say
I am Yours, I am Yours
And when You feel so far away, still I am here to say
I am Yours, I am Yours


And I pay my vows, no turning around
I burn the bridges that can’t be found


For when I heard Your voice
And You said my name
When I heard Your voice
My heart it yearned
For You.

Danshui- Taipei

4 years ago I sat here and listened to a stranger and her friend talk about her broken heart.

My favorite Blythe doll. I want to design their clothes!

Modeling, or actually glamour shots. I want to be a model..for fun.

One thought on “Travel Defect

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