I love chocolate kinder- eggs

I love choco kinder-eggs. I ate them when I grew up in Germany. And now, I’m eating it in Taiwan. Love it! Today was the weirdest day. My dad called me at 8:30 am. Of course, I’m still snoozing away the daylight. I was annoyed, but thought he could drive me to the bank. Also we went to Taoyuan to find clothes. The most horrid thing in that store was that there was NO air condition. Thus, I was dying to pieces and I accumulated a headache. Of course, this was not good since I was going to get glam pictures taken.

But alas, thank God. Once I started picking outfits for the shoot, my headache disappeared into thin air. I realize that..

1. I light up when I’m the center of attention.

2. I feel the most myself when I’m in a creative environment.

3. I have stopped praying that things would go smoothly, but that God would be more than enough for me when I do get hurt or life happens. Because realistically, everyone will face pain and suffering. Yet, I have found God to be faithful, patient, loving in the most PAINFUL times in my life. Especially being on this trip. I faced so many times of loneliness and confusion. Living alone in a house isn’t the most exciting thing, but it allows you to reflect without any disturbance.

Great things about living alone:

1. You can do whatever you like, whenever

2. Take baths with your door open

3. Be messy, no one will yell at you

4. Sleep in

5. well I think that’s all…cuz otherwise it’s kind of lonely. haha.

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