Life Surprises You. All the Time.

玉山 Hostel in Chiayi

So, like I had a freak out session about not having enough money. Well, once I got picked up to go to the hostel, I found an atm and was able to retrieve money, praise the Lord! And thank God for all those friends that prayed for me in my melodramatic moments. So finally, I arrived at the hostel in Chiayi. It is very old and old- fashioned. It’s been there for 60 years, but 1.5 as a youth hostel. Seriously, I love the interior, the old-fashioned designs. Later, I learned that the building was a “black” building before. When we refer to black in Chinese, it means sketchy and underground. I was disturbed when I heard that it used to be a sort of prostitute place, not because I’m grossed out, but because of the sad existence of such a “job”. I can’t imagine becoming an object without a soul, for someone else’ pleasure.

At the same time, I saw the hope of design, art, and transformation. If such a place could be transformed to give the community hope, travelers a safe haven, renewal of tradition and culture- then anything is possible. I saw it as a message from God. I rode my bike around the city, remembering 2 years ago. I know that me coming to this hostel is for a God-sent purpose. I love meeting random strangers and seeing a glimpse of their family life, values, and life.

I told the hostel owners that I was a fashion designer, and they got super excited. I showed them my sketches and they started asking me if I could design shirts for them in exchange for the cheap price of 300nt that they were offering for the hostel stay per night. Of course, I don’t know how much I can do in 3 days, but I might draw a quick sketch for them to frame.

I’m suddenly loving this life. More than I thought I would.

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