What Am I Going to Do With My Freaken Life?

Cute baby in Danshui, Taiwan

What am I going to do with my freaken life?

I don’t really know. Because every time I plan something so wonderous, my plan gets screwed up. Usually its screwed up in a really beautiful and unexpected way. However, it comes with lots of turmoil and sadness. However, I leave that up to God. Right now, I’m okay with just living in the moment. Even though people may be disappointed, I don’t really mind working at Starbucks or something. You can only live part- life for so long right? But I know myself, I probably won’t settle until I get what I at least sort of want.

I want to live in LA. I want to travel some. I want to talk to people. I want to be creative and organizational. I want to make dough to live. I want to dance and listen to music. I want to read and manage people too. I want to make enough to give to mama and to fight human trafficking. And then one day I’ll have some type of company with my products produced by women.

Okay. I guess that wasn’t as hard as I thought.

Cool graffiti in Taipei- Ximending. Cool place for young people to hang out and shop.

And I want to design children’s wear. Like really BADLY. And I want to play with babies and kids and sing songs, watch telletubbies, and eat candy, chocolate and ice cream. The end.

BTW I’m Dante Coffee. Great atmosphere and great internet connection. BTW I’m in Taipei, Taiwan too.

My adorable cousin’s daughter. So cute!

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