Food and Trash Truck

Being in taiwan is pretty much thinking of food and trash everyday.

Food is such a part of life that trash has to be too. Because if there is food, there is trash.

Which leads me to talk about my splendorous day today. I wish I can type out my day everyday.

10:30- woke up and started using the internet

12:30- walked outside to find a good restaurant, ate and was eavesdropping on 4 business people. Sounded like they wanted to make a deal that involved cheating and bad business ethics. Yuck. Me eating.

2:45- dad drove me to dentist. Found out I’ve been brushing my teeth completely WRONG. My teeth feels super clean! I look forward to brushing my teeth for 10 minutes today. Maybe I can watch tv while doing it.

4:30 – found 85 degrees C, a cafe and had the most salty creamy green tea thing. went to the biggest electronic place in Taiwan, not on this earth. Found a USB hub for 200 NT which is like 6 bux.


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