random 104 degrees

It’s hard to be thankful when 1. you are hot and sweaty 2. your heat rash is itching like pricks and you cant sleep 3. youre coughing 4. your 30 bug bites (5 on your butt) itches like a madwoman 5. its 104 degrees 6. your throat hurts 7. you teach in classrooms without fans….. 8. you have asthma and cant breathe Anyawys, thats what i wrote partially in my journal. But honestly, I gotta praise the Father because my cough has decreased, I feel I am no longer sick, and I can sleep better, and the naps are helping. Otherwise, teaching the kids have been okay. Just really hot in the room. A lot of the kids dont wear shoes and get splinters. One of our kids is really naughty! She yells and doesnt listen to me, fights with the other kids.

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