WordPress finally loaded!

Hi everyone!

WordPress finally loaded! Today was the last day of teaching class in Hunan Shin Shin school. Yeppie!

Several Funny & interesting Moments:

  • I gave 3 of my old shirts to the kids. This one girl He Rong tried on my long shirt and it looked like a dress on her. She is freaken ADORABLE! I love my kids! Who knew my old rags would be such a delight to the kids.
  • Sarah (my teammate) who sleeps next to me woke up in the middle night (3:40am) and said, “rebekka?”. Because I’ve woken her up 3 times at the same time to go to the bathroom together. The bathroom is far from our room and it gets DARK at night.
  • Sarah again got stuck in the pig pen area (she was taking a shower) and the folks shut the lights on her. Long story…
  • Daisy and I got our hair washed for 6 yuan (less than one dollar US) and we’re going to get our face washed and massaged for 25 yuan
  • I love the kids! I’ll post pictures as fast as I can, but for now…

In 2 days I’ll be on the train back to Beijing for 25 WHOLE hours! I’m going to sleep all day, the whole 25 hours, besides eating of course.

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