Hunan- So apparently

So I’m sitting here in the computer lab, talking to my teammates and colleagues.  One of the Tsinghua guys tells me “I  bet in China, you can find a lot of guys here”. I said, “why?”

“Because you have a very outgoing and lively personality”- person

“oh! really?”- me


The first day I got to Hunan, after the 23 hour train ride, I got sick. The next day I got a fever, and then I was stuck in bed. But those few hours in bed was quite precious. I did a lot of reflecting. I think I really needed the rest. Aw, my nose hurts from wiping it! 😦

By the way, all my teammates in Hunan have picked up my sayings “ahhh Chincha”, which in Korean is an exclamation “ohh really!” Also my teammate Sabrina said this hilarious thing..

to a mosquito- “I hit you once, I hit you twice, I KILLL YOU!” In a really hilarious accent. LOL.

So for all of yall that don’t know what I’m doing in rural China. I’m teaching music to migrant kids who are not that well off. Some of them don’t wear shoes. Today and yesterday, my voice was gone so teaching music was really difficult. Good thing my partner did all the speaking. He’s korean, but he knows Chinese quite well.

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