Our Last Day of Class

Sigh, we are sitting in a classroom, getting trained to teach at Hunan. I totally thought we would be able to take a nap, but my hopes have fallen to ashes and dumps.

So since I have the time, here are some 798 art district pictures.

From my thoughts this morning:

Being in a relationship unlike what people say actually intensifies your insecurities…and everything that you’ve lacked in love- that you desire from your love, but you know that people can’t fulfill you 100%, only our Creator can, and when you realize this, G should be the one to fuel the love in the relationship.

Otherwise the desire to control the other person, guilt-trip them, or to control situations by not responding or being silent becomes human driven and in the end, a worthless effort to keep and get “False security & love”.

I need to go sleep soon.

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