56 Minzu Tribes in China

Today we went to a Minzu park. At first I Thought it would be some minority park, but later I found out it was like a museum on a grander scale.

This is a living space of one Minzu tribe

I totally wanted to buy one! They were so cheap~ but I decided against it because seriously, how would I carry that in my luggage. I have no space for it! Love the colors and the designs~

so basically, if you didn’t know, I’m on a service/study trip. We have 15 journal entries, 1 essay and a presentation due NEXT TUESDAY. AND I AM SO screwed because I still have 9 entries to do and haven’t exactly cornered in on what I want to present about. On a happy note, I’m visiting my new artist friend tomorrow! We are going to HAZA (eat)! My favorite hobby.

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