2 Weeks already in Beijing- eating tom yum ramen

I’m eating Tom Yum Ramen, its sooooo goood. man. A hint of home food. I do miss Pho and pho, and yah LA food. I’ve been more careful about street food since i found out that the oil is taken from sewage oils. And who knows where that stuff comes from? Ew.

ON another note- I went to the Beijing Opera House (I think that’s what it’s called) and saw SA Chen. Actually I didn’t know who she was before I went, but after reading her bio, I was like ohhh woow.

http://www.chen-sa.com/en/index.asp- check out her bio.

It was interesting because they talked about her childhood. Her parents actually wanted  a boy, is that surprising in a Chinese family? Sad. The reason her dad wanted a boy was because girls have more of a potential to not take on challenges or stick to the family. Hello- does that look like the world today? It is quite sad, so she was raised like a boy. She became very opinionated, and for some reason, I think less emotional. Though the modern age thinks that being less emotional is a positive thing, I think it’s a sad loss of humanity. Emotions are given by our Creator. That’s why there’s females and males. Both represent a side of who our Creator is. Females are beautiful in their ability to be sensitive, feel, and express even for others. Males are more logical, yet provide a reliable identity of masculinity. Sadly, our society looks down upon the feminine qualities as weak.

I believe that a huge movement of social justice are started by women in this era. Women feel deeply for injustice and women issues. Women are people of compassion. Without women and feminine qualities, our society will be lost and filled with emotion-less robots, not that males are robots…but without both our humanity is lost.

More pictures below- also this 10 year old totally owned the piano, it scared the crap out of me. This girl made my piano skills look like freaken 2 year old.

Usually in Taiwan or America or anywhere I know, people wait patiently for their turn in anything. Well, guess what, not in Beijing. The new friends pretty much told me to squish in and just butt people to get a picture with them. This one new friend told me, “look like you’re signing the book with her”. I’m like…uhhhh okay.

No they’re not sleeping, just sleeping. JK

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