Hot Pot & Bottles

There are many migrants in China that collect bottles and other things to make money. Today, there was a man sleeping on a cart in the subway. I was riding the subway and noticed he had fallen asleep. I meant to give him my bottle but thought “maybe he doesn’t want my bottle, maybe he doesn’t collect trash”. However, when he woke up and saw the empty bottle lingering in my hand, he eagerly asked me for it. As I was about to get off, I thought of the new bottle of water in my bag. “He would be so happy, maybe he’s so thirsty plus he could get cash for the bottle”. Part of me fought against my “good side” because I thought of how people would think of me. I didn’t care anymore. I didn’t care if I was associated with the outcasts. I gave him the bottle in the crowded subway, not really caring if everyone was staring.

His face lit up the brightest I’ve ever seen. That smile was seriously the highlight of my day. I said a small p-yer for him. He kept saying thank you. We walk through each day, not hearing the spirit. But when we hear and obey, it’s the best thing on earth.

This is me eating with my new Minzu writer friend. Meaning she is one of the 103,000 Minzu out of her specific Minzu tribe in China. I was excited to eat hot pot, but…after got a little stomache 😦 Oh well, it was worth the taste and experience! She said that she used to herd sheep with her dog. Dogs are her friends, I thought that was so poetic and sweet. I read a few of her writing in the book she wrote, simply amazing!

Um yah, sorry about the mess. I realize how horrid I am with eating….I need to take an etiquette class for sure. Plus, the shameful thing is that I suck at using the chopstick..:( I think it’s the spicy-ness that led to bathroom time later on. LOL

I am finally skyping with my family tonight, woot woot. I still miss LA for the sun.

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