Dysfunctional Saturday

So I put the clothes in the washer, 2 hours I come back, it’s still sitting there in water. I go down to the desk, they give me a card to try swiping, it doesn’t work, I go back down. Finally, they tell me to switch washers, so I drag heavy watered clothes down to the 3rd floor. I make a water route. Next, I finally go back to my room but my key doesn’t turn. I can’t get in the room. -.- My friend is going to take me somewhere cool tonight, for now, I’m going to chill a little after the huge fiesta trying to wash my clothes.

Some pics here:

A shop near HouHai – had these adorable dolls

Me and my Juizee drink. SO sweet. the drinks are too sweet. LOL (oh and fake lesportsac. oops)

Minzu fashion- tribal minority fashion, I LOVe it

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