Doomsday and New Actualizations

So. To my grieve, I realize that down the line I will have to create a CV, which is a really really intensely long resume that Asian countries want. I guess America is just the lazy version, a one- page resume is so much easier!!! :0 seriously.

New Realizations and Actualizations:

1. I have teaching talent, have been teaching for like EVER, but just hated to admit that I would be teaching. I just didn’t want to follow my parents’ footsteps.

2. Due to my realization, I have actualized my next step by researching fashion design/marketing teaching jobs. I found Mod’Art International in Shanghai, but my friend said that they would think I’m too young (SOB)!!! I MAY LOOK YOUNG BUT I HAVE 5 YEARS OF EXPERIENCE! PROMISE. Just because I don’t look wrinkly or look like someone’s grandma does not mean I don’t have life experience…

3. This is not a realization: I just got asked to maybe go to Taiwan for a year and help out with the Youth Center. I don’t know. I’m going to pray about this one. I have to be true to the calling in my heart- or else if I listened to mama, I would forever be chained to my house.

On another note- my friend and I have started to become FOODIE ADVENTURERS-

Vietnamese House – pho 4.95 cant beat that price.

Korean BBQ house, tofu and lots of different dishes. Okay, sorry for the half-eaten look…I totally forgot to take a picture. Combo deal with my friend Shainers.

Mrs. Beasleys Muffin- ate with Audrey. 1.75 worth the fatness. Droollllll.

PappaRich located on Green St. and one street away from Fair Oaks- right next to Buca di Bepo. To be honest, this isn’t as good as the buns with butter that they have.

Don’t worry I didn’t eat all this by myself- this is my friends’ portion. This is the infamous bun.

The PapaRich doll.

Okay, yes, all this has led to me gaining a few pounds of a pounds, good thing i do pilates. lol.


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