Soul Friends

A soul friend understands you even when you are wrong.

A soul friend cries, laughs, rejoices with you, they desire for you to be the best that you can be.

They never envy your rewards, your triumphs, your successes.

Soul friends can be silent at once and not have to talk.

The time you poured your heart out and we had a good weeping session right before clubbing

while we danced, we danced away our sorrows

People stared in amazement. That’s just us, soul friends that can weep right before we dance.

I sat in the bathtub, remembering, remembering. Three blinking candles winking at me, time passes us all.

I dipped my head and held my breath, if I got up, time would have passed by 10 seconds.

Seems like years since we saw each other. The love that God has poured into our hearts is more than any I’ve seen in my lifetime.

People look at us and wonder why they don’t have the same friendship as we do. Let them envy, but let them aspire for this God-love. Friendship, real friendship is more than superficial talks, parties, drinks, studying together.

It is soul connection to the nth level and degree. It is understood empathy. It is pouring out your heart without censoring. It is shit and flowers. It is, on a sunny day, lying under a tree and falling asleep but on stormy nights driving to your house and spilling my guts til my eyes burned from crying. I sometimes wish that others could have the same soul friendship we have, one that God has blessed and flourished. Even as you sit in front of your computer, encoding and decoding til the sun rises saying good morning, I’ll be praying for you, remembering, remembering. I miss you so much and my heart aches for the times we laughed at shapes of poop, embarrassing moments behind alleys at clubs, worshipping for joy, spontaneous meetings eating at my house, dance parties, and the most- our soul talks. And that’s all I gotta say, sister. Be who God has always created you to be.

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