Happy Birthday From The Prime Club

The title of this post was taken from a coupon. LOL. Above you will see that this, my friends, are the CRAZIEST, biggest grapefruit on earth. Seriously, I didn’t distort this photo at all. I promise you. My mom said she picked it at her friends’ house. We have two of them just sitting there waiting to be eaten. Can you imagine if a baby popped out of this?

Speaking of babies. This is the most cutest baby ever. Reminds me of the girl in Monsters Inc. Found her at some church beating on the drums.

Sunday my friends and I dropped by Camarillo outlets. I didn’t buy anything but she bought a Coach bag for like 100 bucks. I don’t really like Coach bags at all. They’re kind of not my style. I was more into Betsey Johnson’s store. But instead of thinking “what a great deal”, I was thinking “I could totally buy this and sell it on ebay”. They had great frilly dresses with cut outs and funky prints. My focus though is trying to get rid of clothes…not accumulate.

A card I drew to a friend a year or so ago.

I met two Nihon people on Thursday, which I got pretty excited about…since I haven’t been able to practice my Japanese. So I’m like Watashi wa rebekka desu- and theyre like ohhh okay. hahahaha.

Again, they are eating my friends’ vegan taco. I’m surprised by how many people are actually vegi. I can’t give up my beef!


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