Questions I Stumbled Upon…in Search of Future Possibilites


Chelsea & I. 🙂  By the way, post about my Fashion Show February 7th coming soon!!!

* What do you love to do? (hobbies, activities, etc.)

Reading, playing music, singing, designing, drawing, researching, writing, thinking of ideas spontaneously, being in charge, dancing, managing…etc.

* What books do you browse through in bookstores?

I go through the Business section (entrepreneurial/ marketing/ business startup books), Religion section (Missionaries, Cultures), Art section (fashion, graphic, toys), and finally Sociology as well as Historical/ Social Books on Japan, China, and Taiwan.  Also I like to read about Pop Culture and Social Dis functionalities.

* Which are your favorite courses?

Right now, I would have to say Marketing.

* If you won the lottery, which causes/issues would you give money to?

Mission agencies in Japan and Artistic non- profit agencies.

* If you were a reporter, what kind of stories would you like to write?

The influx of Japanese- inspired toys.  Spiritual Matters.  Fashion Designers and What They Are Really Like.  Why The Lady Decided to Microwave Her Dog.  Young People of This Generation…How They Are Changing the World.

* What are your favorite objects?


* What sorts of information do you find most fascinating?

Almost everything I find fascinating.  I like reading about why mold grows, allergy, artists’ life, how people start businesses, why things work, why people think the things they do, my kewpie doll, musicians and artists, social dis functionalities again.  Somehow I like to dig at the root of social problems and find the “why” and “how”.

* Who are your heroes?

Jesus, Picasso, and all them entrepreneurs out there.

* What did you dream of being when you were 10?

Business woman, having my own shop or business.

Results of the Holland Type Personality- ASE (artistic, social, enterprising)

Work Environment– unstructured, allows non- conformity, allows originality, rewards creativity.

Sample Occupations– writers/ editors, designers, musical directors, art teacher.

I also stumbled upon a website to help creative minded super stars 🙂  I hope to spur young creatives on towards their calling and dreams, it will not be an easy path folks.  But hang on tight because I’m on the same path- you’re not alone.


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