As I Turn 21…Hear What I Have to Say- Complete Transparency

As I turn 21 on Wednesday, I opt for complete transparency.  Not that I am hitting mid- life crisis or going through some kind of schizo phase.

What I mean by that is that I would like to share a very personal story that makes me who I am today, and continues to transform me.  I pray that the Lord will open your eyes.

As I turn one year older, I am convinced that I have nothing to lose.  I have already gained the one thing that has absolutely and completely changed my life.  There is nothing else I want from this world.  There is nothing else to live for but this person.  There is no more grasping in the air, trying to find fulfillment in anything or anyone else.  I have already found truth, I have already found what I am to live for for the rest of my life.

….are you possibly wondering and longing for the same?  I hope that you are searching daily, you may be searching and not even know it.  You may be up and down each day, lost in your emotions, in your depression, in emptiness.

I was once like that.  I have been through mountains in my life, I’m guessing you’re the same.  Who doesn’t go through valleys?  Who doesn’t feel like the world doesn’t care at some point in their life?  I got so lost, to the point I felt that I wanted to run away, end my life even.  What was the point, life was utter darkness.  What is the point of living, earning a living, then dying.  There is absolutely no point, I thought.

Jesus Christ, however, came into my life.  Not a vague person in a book or a passing on of knowledge or even some religious freaky way.  I had learned about how He loved me so much that He gave His one and only Son, that if I believed in Him I would not go to the dark place of hell but have eternal life.

In short, I could be forgiven of all the crap in my life, all the evil desires of my heart and the actions that had sadened many people in my life.  I could have complete security in the unwavering God that loves me to the point of humbling Himself for me.  I was utterly touched to the point of tears.

People think I’m so cool, so unique.  I probably wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for Jesus.  I’d probably still be trying to find that one thing that satisfies me.  No, I don’t live like that anymore.  I live in COMPLETE freedom.  I live in freedom to know truth, to completely accept myself as God has made me, to live in freedom to dance, to laugh, to paint, to smile, to cry, to love.  No more hindrances because I’ve found the reason for living.

There are so many instabilities in life.  It has been 8 years since my life turned 180.  There’s no more point in hiding this amazing God I’ve kept for too long to myself.   I can say that  the reason I may be so “unique” to you is that I have encountered God and fully embraced the identity He’s given me….causing me to live and grow with freedom daily.

I hope the same for you.


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